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TTMS Nordic A/S

TTMS Nordic A/S (formerly known as ConCor A/S) has been a Danish IT consultancy agency since 2002. In 2021 a large part of ConCor was acquired by the Polish company TTMS og now has access to over 2500 IT employees worldwide. In 2022 our name was changed to TTMS Nordic A/S to reflect the many new services we - together with TTMS - can provide.

Our focus

TTMS Nordic A/S is focused on Salesforce, Microsoft and Adobe AEM. Furthermore TTMS Nordic has a deep understanding of agile methodologies, and are experts in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). We organize SAFE Meetup Denmark - an event devoted to the agile methodologies of work.

Our goal is to be the prefered partner for helping companies in the Nordic countries with managed services, body leasing, team leasing and custom projects delivery. That's why we teamed up with TTMS, a global IT services provider. This was a turning point in our history. Together, we currently have over 2500 specialists on board and we are able to implement even the most demanding projects. If you’re looking for efficient, cost-effective, skilled IT consultants with a broad range of IT competencies, look no further.

Meet the team

Jesper Mikkelsen

(+45) 29 72 29 12

Elisabeth Carnbring

Sourcing Manager
(+45) 31 61 95 92

Kim Ronnie Nielsen

(+45) 21 46 55 86

Jan Bachman Andersen

(+45) 21 22 84 86

Karina Marie Olsen

Sourcing Manager
(+45) 27 58 28 19

Martin Schlägelberger

Regional Sales Director
(+45) 52 84 52 84

Ben Cooper

(+46) 703 201 375

Pernille Nielsen

(+45) 93 83 97 10

Clara Graversen

Sourcing Specialist
(+45) 60 19 31 40

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