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10 July 2020 | Stanisław Suchodolski

Are we an ‘Information Society’?

The 2019’th theme of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) is Bridging the Standardization Gap. How does it apply in business and internal communication?

Change of communication possibilities and standards leads to the need of finding appropriate and effective ways of conducting remote meetings and online networking. Those may appear both in the internal and external companies’ communication.

On the other hand, people surrounded by the information buzz seems to have problems with concentration and selection of the incoming messages. That may also lead to problems with communication at all. The popularity of the fake news, lack of the sense of critics or even avoidance of media or communication lead to the question from the title — are we an information society or is it still a long journey ahead?

The next thing is an ability to learn and use gained skills which are connected with the exact and effective training. In the age of advanced technology and solutions such as AI, many people (especially from the GenX) are uncertain about their professional future. They may also have some doubts about their possibilities of adoption to the new solution and ability to learn in the fast-paced environment.

Telecommunication technology and its automatization isn’t something that we may avoid. Even in the low developed places in the world technology appears, sometimes in unexpectable ways. So, the challenge right now is not only about responsible technology development but also in the uprising the human “Technology Intelligence” — not in the business meaning, but similar to the Emotional one. It could be defined as being aware of the threats and possibilities of information fluence connected to technology and also means maturity in using them. It sounds a little like a dreamer dream, but, especially in accordance with the latest leaks and breaches of the privacy, the Internet users should take a bigger responsibility for their moves.

In the other hand, there is still a lot to do for the companies — which sooner or later will be forced or decide by themselves to look for the content and solutions which will support both — the business and the customers/ clients/ users. Seeing this need in advantage and creating transparent solutions not only in “user-friendly” but even in “user-supporting” way could be a trigger of success soon.

Looking for the solutions, we have to turn through the ideas connecting human ability and need to communicate with the latest technologies, which are seen in the UX and UI approach. It may be used in business relations, internal companies’ procedures and networking areas or in the learning methods. There are already many tools supporting this approach and still are developed new ones. The question, which is still valid, is about choosing those, which support the growth of the society, human beings and brings better knowledge and ability of technology usage.

Telecommunication and other technologies connected with the Internet may be seen both — as chains and tools of control or as a possibility to connect better. We should decide wisely every day to see the future in bright colours.