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27-07-2021 | , , ,

Ecology means well-being

“We found, that if we are to change the office, let’s change it for the better in every respect, including ecology – ecology is an inseparable element of our strategy” – says Małgorzata Szewczyk, Administration Director at TTMS. Together with Marta Kapelak, Business Development Manager, they are responsible for eco activities in the company.

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19-07-2021 | , , ,

Teams: news for developers

Note: If you are not a programmer, there is a risk that after reading the first paragraph, your attention will shift from this highly specialized content to the microwave oven manual. Don’t worry: we’ve got something for you too.

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19-05-2021 |

Who increased the champagne buget?

Who increased the champagne budget? What were they saying when my coffee machine made noise? What is the security guard doing at my doorstep?

What do the above questions have in common? All of them are responded to by new functionalities, that have recently appeared in the M365 environment.

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08-05-2021 | , , ,

Is the defense sector in the 21st century innovative? – part 3

We invite you to the last part of the interview with Paweł Fleischer, Business Development Manager at TTMS. This time we will focus on the non-obvious dependencies between the defense and commercial sectors.

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26-04-2021 | , , , ,

Is the defense sector in the 21st century innovative? - part 2

Who is investing in the defense sector? How are US military companies dealing with lagging far behind the private sector in research and technology development? We invite you to read the second part of the interview with Paweł Fleischer, Business Development Manager at TTMS.

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20-04-2021 | , , , ,

Is the defense sector in the 21st century innovative? - part 1.

Are we on the eve of replacing commanders with artificial intelligence? How can the Internet of Things support the battlefield? We present the first part of the conversation between Marcin Kapuściński and Paweł Fleischer, Business Development Manager at TTMS.

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14-04-2021 | ,

Microsoft Teams raises the bar

With their subsequent activities, the creators of Teams consistently confirm that remote work – and ultimately hybrid work – is not a replacement model or a temporary fashion. It is a space taken seriously by Microsoft, to which it is worth delivering technological investments both at the code and hardware level.

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31-03-2021 | ,

TTMS begins support for NATO Innovation Hub

Transition Technologies – Managed Services participates in supporting the Innovation Hub, a special unit established by the Allied Command Transformation (ACT). TTMS experts will support its activities in the area of IT systems development.

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04-03-2021 |

Rebate Management Completes Salesforce Quintet

Salesforce presented a component, that is to help manage the discount policy in relation to loyal customers. It’s called Rebate Management and it’s the fifth recently released add-on, the most recognizable one so far being Einstein Automate – a comprehensive workflow automation solution. Rebate Management is to use a configurable data model to automate, scale and manage information based on artificial intelligence.

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17-02-2021 |

Salesforce launches vaccine for paperwork

Salesforce introduces Intelligent Document Automation (IDA), which will help healthcare companies and institutions digitize their document management processes.

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10-02-2021 | ,

Zoom tames the hybrid

Many organizations will make a gradual, staged attempt to get employees back into the office full-time. IT managers and leaders will therefore face the challenge of supporting office and remote workers at the same time. It is going to be another, exciting stage of competition between the Zoom and Teams platforms.

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10-02-2021 |

Via Lublin to Salesforce

More than 4 million jobs will be created by the SalesForce ecosystem by 2024. For a young programmer, a career focused on SFDC seems to be perfect. We know something about it – our Academy has already educated over 40 specialists in this technology.

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19-01-2021 | ,

MS Teams dynamic view

We wrote about the tendency to “humanize” remote work last year (see article here). In March 2021, the MS Teams platform will follow this trend, presenting its new, more interactive version. Dynamic view – this is the name of the new interface after “tuning”.

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13-01-2021 |

EU-U.S. privacy shield, our comment

EU restrictions may force US companies to change their data reporting practices. To comply with the new guidelines, companies are likely to adopt more advanced encryption.

Some US-based companies will have to significantly change the way they secure their data to continue working with European companies. This is assumed by the EU project, which contains guidelines for increasing the privacy security of information transferred outside the European Union.

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31-12-2020 | ,

2020 - a year, that we will always remember

How do we perceive the passing year in TTMS? Looking at the macro scale, the IT sector was strengthening and stabilizing even before the pandemic. After a difficult 2016, when the market value fell by more than 5%, the following years brought regular growth. In 2019, there was a clear upward trend in working in dispersed teams – as if the market was preparing for a pandemic. Everyone knows the past 12 months. Although it can be said, that the IT sector coped with the crisis (we wrote about it here), most of us have had enough of this year and have been counting down the days to its end for many weeks. At TTMS, we’ve talked a bit about it – here’s what 2020 looked like from our perspective.

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11-12-2020 |

TTMS on the Silver Level in the Salesforce program

Salesforce certification took place recently and we promised to disclose the results of our specialists. TTMS employees have studied diligently to update their knowledge of operating this powerful CRM platform. Thanks to the regular improvement of competences, we have officially become a Silver Partner.

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08-12-2020 | ,

Slack in the hands of Salesforce

Salesforce is arming itself. It has just agreed on the largest transaction in history – from February 2021, the purchase of Slack, the communicator for collective work, will become a reality. So far, the record of Marc Benioff, CEO of SF, has been the acquisition of Tableau data analysis platform for $ 15 billion. This time the amount will exceed USD 27 billion.

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08-12-2020 |

AEM Academy - in the search of new Messi

They write in Java. They want to acquire new knowledge. They dream about access to Adobe certificates and educational materials of the highest quality. They are looking for a team of mentors who, within a few months, will prepare them to participate in commercial, large projects and … let them onto the pitch from the very first minute: the participants of Adobe Experience Manager Academy.

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04-11-2020 |

Salesforce - TTMS specialists improve their qualifications

The Salesforce Certification Days are approaching – this is the time, when a group of specialists from Transition Technologies Managed Services sit down to learn to update their knowledge in the field of leading CRM service. Soon many of them will be able to boast of new certificates confirming their skills. And there are 53 TTMS specialists from Salesforce. So far, they have obtained almost 150 certificates.

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26-10-2020 | , ,

Salesforce and Teams integration - cooperation or competition?

#Teams and #salesforce tags in one post?

It is fully justified, because from today Salesforce functions as an application, integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform, although both parties still cautiously call it “pilot”.

It’s hard to talk about a surprise here, because previously the CRM software vendor chose Microsoft Azure as the cloud provider.

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06-10-2020 | ,

Salesforce creates a vaccine distribution management platform

Currently, about 70 teams are working on a COVID-19 vaccine. These include pharmaceutical concerns, smaller biotechnology companies, academia and non-profit organizations. As impressive as the race is, it’s worth looking at what’s happening in its shadow: the challenge of developing a distribution model. And the venture is unprecedented, as it will involve millions of patients around the world.

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Virtual Commutes
02-10-2020 | ,

Virtual Commutes - next step in remote work humanisation?

What do we miss in the era of remote work? A coffee with co-workers? Fruity Thursdays? Incentives?

It turns out that for … commuting to and from work! At least, this is what the creators of the Teams communication platform decided. They are going to present a new functionality in 2021: virtual commuting. Stay with us, we will try to defend it 🙂

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18-09-2020 | , ,

Personalization – why should I care?

You know that the world is changing – online and offline channels of communication complement each other now more than ever. Probably you also know that you need to do something about it when it comes to your business. You start to look at your market and competitors. You try to provide the customers with something more than other companies from your industry. But here is a question – is it enough?

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11-09-2020 | , ,

How to optimize IT in the COVID-19 era? - analysis

✅ How to choose an IT partner?
✅ Does the IT outsourcing provider meet 100% of your expectations?
✅ How to optimize IT in the COVID-19 era?

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remote work
10-09-2020 | , ,

Remotely and yet almost next to you

The first wave of the technological revolution related to the COVID-19 pandemic focused on creating appropriate solutions for remote work. Now it’s time for the second phase: making remote work similar to traditional work – so that the members of the organization feel as if they are sitting next to each other.

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During a pandemic, the e-learning market grows in the needs of business

Today, e-learning has great potential. It is estimated that the e-learning market will grow by 2026 by approx. 8% in CAGR, from USD 200 million in 2020 to USD 370 million in 2036. The conditions of the pandemic have meant that, on a global and national scale, classic training and training become becoming less and less popular.

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31-08-2020 | , ,

MS Teams - a creature that lives. Interview with Jarosław Szybiński (TTMS)

What would you improve in Microsoft Teams?Working with Teams and Office 365 is a bit like a paranoid dream. Microsoft continues to add, improve and change features. Sometimes I don’t know, if there was something missing yesterday or if it’s just my imagination – says Jarosław Szybiński, Business Development Manager  at Transition Technologies – Managed Services.

Why should one use Microsoft Teams? What principles should we follow when implementing it in our organization? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our conversation with Jarosław.

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Polish IT market
30-08-2020 | ,

Polish IT market - from apathy to a strong arm of the economy

The pandemic made it difficult for many companies to contact their contractors and thus to operate normally. On the other hand, technological processes in companies have significantly accelerated. Hence – as can be seen on the Polish market – the IT sector is becoming the driving force within the Polish economy, as reported by the Polish Economic Institute.

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29-08-2020 | ,

Is AI together with Azure a remedy for natural disasters?

The U.S. Department of Energy, along with Microsoft, announced a partnership to develop artificial intelligence tools to help rescuers better respond to fast-changing natural events, such as floods, fires and hurricanes.

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