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Development and maintenanceof Adobe Experience Manager Solution


Our Client, whose business success depends to a great extent on an effective marketing strategy,decided to implement the digital marketing strategy for 360-degree customer experience. The essential part of the strategy was to provide up-to-date marketing materials to professionals on the market in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The challenge was to provide the right content to users in 25 countries constituting separate user categories. Having access to materials dedicated to a given market, addressing the needs of their profession, specialization, interests or language was crucial to those users in the realization of the Client’s business goals. The Client needed a solution which would enable marketing specialists to seamlessly share their message across all the countries in the region. That was possible by implementing a web portal placed on Adobe Experience Manager.


For our Client, we built a qualified team of experienced and certified AEM experts covering the wholeset of roles required to provide complete maintenance and development managed service:

AEM architect
AEM backend and frontend developers
Business analyst
L2/L3 support specialists
AEM administrator

Our team took over the development and maintenance of the complex portal in just one month, providing consulting on HOw to further develop the portal to enhance the communication channels for marketing specialists. For example:

  • Our AEM team built an internal platform integrated with a machine translation service, the platform enables marketing teams from 25 countries to communicate and share marketing material they work on, accelerating content preparation processes,
  • We provided enhancements to assure compliance of the portal with new GDPR rules,
  • We seamlessly performed migration process of the portal from AEM 6.1 to AEM 6.3.

The scope of provided services

Continuous development and maintenance of the key solution supporting Client’s marketing communication

Marketing communication

Releasing a new version of the portal on biweekly basis

Architecture consulting

Business analysis

Change Requests implementation including complex custom features

System maintenance: L2/L3 support


Our team took over the maintenance and development of our Client’s AEM solution demonstrating technical competence, high quality of service and development standards.

We reorganized and improved development and releasing processes of the portal and matched them with the existing processes on the Client’s side. We provided new, strategic functionality and safely carried the portal through legal and technological changes. Thanks to entrusting all AEM platform related activities to TTMS, our Client is confident of operational continuity of the key solution supporting their marketing strategies. By facilitating work of marketing specialists across many countries in the EMEA region, the Client is able to execute their marketing strategy in a more effective way.