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Assisting in building innovative voice assistant
Based on amazon alexa and amazon web services


One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world


Back-end configuration on Amazon Web Services platform


IT Architecture, IT Consulting

The Challenge

Our Client looked for a solution that guaranteed both extremely fast and affordable realization of new business initiatives. No large investments and the possibility to implement innovative solutions in a timely manner – these two factors were crucial for the Client.

The Solution

Our Cloud Solutions Architects prepared a solution tailored to our Clients’ requirements and expectations. This solution was based on following AWS services:

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk as an easy-to-use option for deploying and scaling web applications
  • Amazon Relational Database Service for database storage
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing to handle all incoming traffic, and increase high availability and elasticity
  • AWS Simple Email Service for message distributions at scale
  • AWS CloudFormation for resources provisioning

Our experts created a simple, yet very effective architecture with two main segments:

  • Applications Servers which handle all incoming requests from Alexa devices
  • Database where all necessary information is stored and processed

This architecture was designed for scalability and high availability. Application Servers are under control of Auto Scaling Group and Database are configured for Multi-AZ deployment. All traffic from Alexa devices are distributed over Elastic Load Balancer.

The Outcomes

Our client was both surprised and impressed by how easy it is to start working with the Amazon cloud-based services. They highly appreciated that no major investments in development or production hardware were necessary. More importantly, they looked forward to being able to scale their systems as needed once they were in production.