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Development and maintenance of collaboration & mobility tools


One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world


Development, testing and maintenance of Google tools (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs) as well as other collaboration and teleconference solutions.


Comprehensive Service Delivery, Development, Maintenance, Testing

The Challenge

For our Client, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, effective team collaboration was very important as their employees scattered all over the world need to quickly connect with their colleagues, product-related content and resources in order to get the job done. This often means wide collaboration across departments, geographical locations, and not only while sitting at the work desk, but also while they’re on the move.

The Solution

TTMS team consistent of 30 highly skilled specialists has been responsible for development, testing and maintenance of systems in the Google ecosystem: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and teleconference solutions such as WebEx, and other tailor-made mobile applications. Our unique model of cooperation – a Comprehensive Service Delivery guaranteed flexible adaptation and the ability to scale the project team in response to Client’s requirements and needs. We have developed more than 60 solutions that support flawless team collaboration and in real-time communication across our Client’s organization. We also took full responsibility for further improvements and system’s maintenance.

The Outcomes

Thanks to entrusting all related activities to TTMS, our Client was able to secure continuous improvement of collaboration and mobility solutions across the entire organization in the region. TTMS team guaranteed L3 support of applications which allowed to reduce the total cost of solution maintenance (TCO) and improved our Client’s satisfaction level measured by defined KPIs.