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Learning & communications delivery service


Technology leader at industrial digitalization, employing more than 135 000 employees in over 100 countries.


Administration and maintaining our Client's e-learning platforms and training materials.


Communication Services, Comprehensive Service Delivery, Development, Testing

The Challenge

Most businesses today recognize the fundamental importance of learning and development. Only constant learning guarantees both maximizing the potential of staff and maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our Client needed who would support their training and communication processes both from content creation and technical perspective.

The Solution

TTMS’s interdisciplinary team of professionals provide comprehensive training and communication services for our multi-year partner. We started with a 6 members team located in Krakow (Poland) and quickly grown to 18 with the prospect of further growth in the nearest future. We aligned training initiatives to business objectives, ensuring all training efforts support our Client’s goals and at the same time help ensure the future success.

The scope of our services:

  • Preparing training materials and training video tutorials for the end users.
  • Creating new and editing existing interactive e-learnings.
  • Implementing new courses on the ABB LMS platform.
  • Assisting in the process of introducing new applications/systems/products if the knowledge transfer is necessary.
  • Preparing and conducting live learning sessions in the form of webinars.
  • Supporting ABB’s internal communication.

The Outcomes

We designed and developed e-learning courses based on effective instructional methods with many multimedia materials, i.e. graphics, animations and voice-over narrations. These materials allowed more than 15 000 end users to learn how to use different tools and applications. Thanks to entrusting all related training-related activities to TTMS, our Client was able to reduce training and employee development costs. Last but not least, our team started distributing press releases, newsletters, leadership messages etc. which significantly improved the quality of our Client’s internal communication.