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Gold Microsoft Partner

Accelerate organizational change with M365.

Every day, we test M365 solutions on the most demanding client - ourselves. We are well aware of the importance of quality, reliability, and speed of business processes.
Improve management by implementing a tool that will allow optimization of tasks
Use the potential of your team and improve communication in your company
Increase work efficiency with artificial intelligence
Be ready for unexpected changes and connect with colleagues without interruption with online conferencing tools


Adapted from Teams and M365

The time has come for you to get the most out of Microsoft 365. Manage your time, team and processes within your company more effectively. 


M365 trainings

Together, we will adapt the training plan to your needs, focusing on the functionalities that are key to the operation of your company. We will conduct a full training process in a formula, place and language that is most convenient for you.


Process automation in M365

We know how important it is to efficiently operate and cooperate with the sales, marketing, and HR teams. The implementation of Power Automate and Power Apps tools will allow you to optimize your current business processes and ensure increased efficiency.


Secure the M365 environment

As an IT company, we are fully aware of digital threats. That is why we also use the M365 package on a daily basis, ensuring security, proper authentication, and good data encryption. Together, we will identify both technological and human risks and countermeasures.


Developing applications for Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is more than just a messenger. It is an integrated environment for creating and editing applications and workflows, and a space that we will fill with custom additions, tailored to your needs.


Service migration to M365

Migration from Linux, Google Suite or on-prem solutions. Entrust us with the transfer of your company's resources to a new environment. We integrate the Microsoft 365 cloud environment with the local IT infrastructure of your business. We carry out a complete e-mail migration to Exchange Online.

Get to know our competences confirmed by Microsoft

We have hundreds of hours of experience in international and local projects. Our extensive competences have been confirmed by numerous certificates issued by Microsoft.

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