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SAFe Meetup Denmark

At TTMS Nordic we have seen a huge interest for the SAFe framework at many of our clients. We see that many talk about some of the same challenges with implementing the SAFe frame framework, and therefore we took initiative to start "SAFe Meetup Denmark". (Formerly known as "Copenhagen SAFe Meetup").
The interest for SAFe Meetup Denmark has been overwhelming and we really appreciate the support. We are more than 1.200 members in the group!

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What we're about

SAFe Meetup Denmark ! Learn! Practice! Share war stories! This SAFe® Meetup is for those interested in learning and sharing stories on how to scale their Agile implementations using the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).
If any questions write Jesper Mikkelsen at

See an example of a Meetup (conference at Ørsted) on YouTube here

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