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Let us help you with what we know best: implementing and maintaining systems

Proprietary outsourcing services model
The data you will entrust with us will be safe at every stage of your project
You can be sure of a quick reaction time in the event of incidents
You spend the can use the saved time you save on developing your business
You do not incur costs for hiring and maintaining the team and IT infrastructure
You gain a transparent form of settlement
You get certified quality services

Managed Services

We take responsibility for maintenance of all IT services. Thanks to this, our clients can outsource all IT systems and processes to TTMS teams.

Body leasing

We provide only the best IT professionals who have the required skills, experience, and seniority level catered to your needs, to take responsibility for a particular project area or phase within the defined time horizon. Thanks to this, you can maintain project continuity by quick staffing the team with experts that are up for all challenges, even in short-term assignments.

Team leasing

You can stop losing your time on planning and establishing dedicated teams. We provide custom, complete IT teams, consisting of carefully selected IT professionals who have the required skills and experience to plan, manage, and deliver your projects. Thanks to this, our clients can outsource project staffing and execution to the TTMS IT team.

Custom Projects Delivery

We provide the means for an end-to-end project development, custom-made with your ideas and outlines.

Check our teams and their expertise

We have on board over 700+ specialists certified in different fields of expertise. Pick your area of interest and technology and check if we have the right staff for you.

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