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06 October 2020 | Marcin Kapuscinski

Salesforce creates a vaccine distribution management platform

Currently, about 70 teams are working on a COVID-19 vaccine. These include pharmaceutical concerns, smaller biotechnology companies, academia and non-profit organizations. As impressive as the race is, it’s worth looking at what’s happening in its shadow: the challenge of developing a distribution model. And the venture is unprecedented, as it will involve millions of patients around the world.

The producers of Saleforce software, the structure of which may be ideally suited for this, offered their help in this matter. A specially prepared part of SF software will help: track the levels of vaccine stocks, create online systems for booking vaccination visits and monitor the health of the vaccinated. All this will be included in the for Vaccines platform. is a website launched by Salesforce, offering support for enterprises and employees who are victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. There we will find solutions to improve the response of the private and public sectors to the coronavirus, i.e. monitoring employee well-being, change management, plus a whole range of options to respond to the crisis.

There are a number of challenges associated with implementing the COVID-19 vaccination program, including:

  • Vaccine demand likely to be greater than the first part of production,
  • Possible interruptions in the supply chain caused by problems related to logistics,
  • Eligibility priorities, pre-determined by health agencies.

To manage vaccination programs on this scale, massive information, coordination and planning campaigns for governments and healthcare organizations will be needed. Organizations will also need to monitor the health of patients receiving the vaccine, which will be critical to assessing the safety and effectiveness of vaccination programs. Salesforce provides a technology platform and partner ecosystem that can quickly design, build, integrate, and manage end-to-end vaccine solutions to manage inventory and administration, meeting scheduling, notifications, performance monitoring, and more.


A module for managing vaccination visits


Vaccine resource management module


Marcin Kapuściński – Transition Technologies – Managed Services