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04 November 2020 | Marcin Kapuscinski

Salesforce - TTMS specialists improve their qualifications

The Salesforce Certification Days are approaching – this is the time, when a group of specialists from Transition Technologies Managed Services sit down to learn to update their knowledge in the field of leading CRM service. Soon many of them will be able to boast of new certificates confirming their skills. And there are 53 TTMS specialists from Salesforce. So far, they have obtained almost 150 certificates.

Even the best software producer will not anticipate challenges and problems, that users will face. The Salesforce producer receives many smaller or larger corrections proposals every day from people working on the “living organism”.

3 times a year – regardless of small, frequent corrections, Salesforce introduces its “release“. Along with the Salesforce update, its users must also update their certificates. Therefore, it requires continuous contact and regular training from those working in the system. This group also includes specialists from Transition Technologies Managed Services.

Salesforce certification days is a series of several-hour-long webinars conducted by Salesforce instructors. The seminars will cover the main topics of the exam, focusing on the most relevant areas.

Soon we will write about the results of the exams and the related status of our company as a partner!