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Flexible resource management

To relieve you of administrative work, Snowflake has implemented auto-scaling and auto-pausing of the service if it is idle. These two concepts provide flexibility, performance optimization as well as efficient cost management.

Incredible performance

Time is precious. By investing in a solution that allows you to get answers to questions in a short time, you primarily gain the fact that your employees have more time for substantive analyzes. You are not paying for the time they are "waiting for the data", but for really worthwhile work. Snowflake prides itself on incredible efficiency - analytical processes that sometimes take hours or even days on this platform can be implemented much faster thanks to the unique architecture optimized for analytical tasks.

No hardware needed

Snowflake is a 100% cloud wholesaler - this eliminates the management and maintenance costs associated with "in-house" models. You only pay for the resources you actually use, with the option of billing accurate to the second. Automatic optimization and a thoughtful layer. security will allow you to focus on using your data rather than managing it.

Partially structured data

Snowflake can combine structured and partially structured data without the need to use complex technologies. Data can take many forms from sources such as machine-generated data, sensors and mobile devices. Snowflake supports extracting partially structured data in various formats such as JSON or Parquet.

Separate space for storage and calculations.

The Snowflake data architecture separates computing resources from storage resources. This strategy will enable you to dynamically scale your resources up when you need more performance and down when the process is complete. All this without interrupting service provision.

Time travel

Time travel is one of the unique features of Snowflake. Time Travel allows you to track data changes over time. It's available to all accounts and turned on by default for everyone, free of charge. Moreover, this Time Travel allows you to access historical table data. Check what the table looked like at any time (!) In the last 90 days.

Zero-copy Cloning

Zero-copy Cloning is a functionality that allows you to create a second instance of a table, schema or database without making a copy of the data (without additional costs related to data storage).

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