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10 February 2021 | Marcin Kapuscinski

Via Lublin to Salesforce

More than 4 million jobs will be created by the SalesForce ecosystem by 2024. For a young programmer, a career focused on SFDC seems to be perfect. We know something about it – our Academy has already educated over 40 specialists in this technology.

What is SalesForce?

For a company to develop, it is extremely important, that it can increase consumer engagement and nurture customer relationships. Classic CRM platforms help to manage customer interactions by storing all data – including the smallest details – in one place.

Over the years, there has been a need to create a more extensive platform, which will be able to, for example, forecast sales trends – so as to further streamline activities related to marketing automation. SalesForce is such a platform. The software optimizes the sales funnel, from generating leads to making deals, giving the organization the chance to multiply profits.

The vision of the manufacturer was primarily to create a customer relationship management tool, that would operate based on the cloud. SalesForce, however, took the shape of a much more powerful platform for which the CRM framework turned out to be too tight.

The application possibilities on this platform are almost limitless. Here is a list of useful business functions, that are only a small part of SalesForceDotCom (SFDC) capabilities:

  • Connection to automated marketing solutions such as Pardot (this provides full visibility and automation from marketing to sales),
  • The ability to create a custom application, that sends text messages to customers with real-time updates of the order fulfillment status,
  • Automate the generation of commonly used documents such as quotes, orders and invoices using tools such as Drawloop,
  • Automate your service project management workflows with FinancialForce.

For our company – as a partner of SalesForce – the most important thing is, that we can personalize the platform by designing applications, that solve real problems of specific companies and create added value for the entire environment.

Dream career?

It is worth choosing a career path focused on SFDC, because:

  • technology is innovative, “salable” and will generate many jobs for experts for many years to come, which gives hope for job stability;
  • There are many “specializations” associated with SFDC. Those, who like to help others will be great in the role of an administrator, code masters in a role of developers, and data specialists will be able to work as a business analysts. You can read about all roles in SalesForce here.


Why trust us?

3 times a year – regardless of small, frequent corrections – the so called “release” is released by the manufacturer. Along with the SalesForce update, specialists in partner companies, such as Transition Technologies Managed Services, must also update their certificates. This requires constant contact and regular training from those working in the system.

  • We can boast of individual successes (about 50 specialists in TTMS who are constantly certified) and team successes (we have the Silver Partner status).
  • We provide services to organizations with their headquarters on many continents, from various industries.

Our company offers the implementation of the SFDC Out of the Box platform, consulting on the correct selection of the license model for products, as well as adapting the CRM module to the individual needs of the client, including integration with existing databases and external systems and applications. As a supplement, TTMS also offers a specialized training module.


SalesForce Academy in Lublin, Poland

Once every few months, the Lublin branch of TTMS organizes an Academy for 3-5 people. The Salesforce Academy itself lasts 8 weeks, which are usually divided into a month of theory and a month of exercises, i.e. work on project simulations. In addition to attending lectures, participants work in a system of homework, that is checked the next day.

The Salesforce Academy gives you the opportunity to learn about all areas of the ecosystem, as well as acquire practical skills in writing projects in SFDC. Developers have access to paid Continuous Integration tools, usually used in commercial projects. After completing the cycle, they receive a voucher valid for 6 months for the first SalesForce certification.

Almost all of our specialists started their adventure with SFDC from the Academy run by TTMS.

Marcin Kapuściński – Transition Technologies Managed Services